Quinte Hosting & Web Design Services are 100% Canadian owned and operated based out of Belleville in the Quinte area with servers hosted in Toronto. Our services are built to cater to your needs. We provide the platforms to enable you to DIY your own website or we can custom design it for you. We use all the latest coding and software to ensure browser compatibilty and device support. Our server software as well is regularly upgraded to ensure a smooth and secure operation. Our Design service includes many sub-services as well, such as graphic design, Social networking integration and page creation, as well as site and server management that comes either pay-as-u-go or included in the monthly fees, this includes future updates to website code when internet standards change like the addition of html5 to html thats created the more modern looking websites of recent years such as parallaxing, which is used on this site, if you did notice the backgrounds move at different speeds when you scroll the page. For information on our services and prices come check out our site here Quinte Hosting & Web Design.





QuinteLife Productions is an Audio/Video service that provides production creation, editing, mixing, and mastering. For info and inquiries or quotes contact Productions@Quintelife.ca





QuinteLife Records is here to look out for the little guy! Wether your an artist just looking to have your music mixed and mastered or to have a Record company to manage, represent and distribute your music, we have solutions to fit your musical needs! We provide Digital Distribution to 70 online stores and streams like Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and Groove. With options for cd duplication and sales. Distributing to commercial retail outlets takes a little more. but is also possible. They have to want your music before they purchase your cd for their stores. Our services also include options for logo and album art designs as well as video productions, website creation and hosting through QuinteLife Productions and Quinte Hosting & Web Design! For more info check out our site Records.QuinteLife.ca.